the future Footwear factory today

The future of footwear is changing. Tailwinds are reshoring American manufacturing, and ingenuity leveraging automation will crown the next victor. We have designed the most efficient future footwear factory and will scale them across America.

No hard tooling.

We use 3D printing to make your shoe. It means that you don’t pay for expensive hard tools for molds. There is no knitting, gluing, or any direct labor. Our process is fully automated and requires minimal human input, allowing us to make your shoes in the USA.

We bring back manufacturing.

By onshoring manufacturing, we want to embrace equal and fair pay and ensure our process is environmentally friendly because 97% of footwear is manufactured overseas, where labor and environmental laws are not on par with the ones in the US

3D printed on order.

Your shoes are made on a 3D printer in the USA, which reduces the carbon footprint caused by shipping from overseas. Printing also reduces operations necessary to make a shoe, simplifying the process and making it the most environmentally friendly way of manufacturing footwear.

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