Our mission

The future of footwear is changing, and Koobz is leading the charge. We have designed the most efficient future footwear factory to transform footwear manufacturing across America. Our proprietary 3D printing process, enhanced with a fully automated workflow, will democratize access to the manufacturing process reserved only for the biggest ones.

With tool-less design and no upfront costs, we enable new markets of brands, creators, and designers to launch their shoes.

Launch shoes with Koobz

Value #1

3D Printed on order

At Koobz, we believe that holding inventory, storing, and making excess stuff is not environmentally friendly, and that's not cool. Therefore, we will only make a shoe once you place an order.

Value #2

Reduce impact

Your shoes are made on a 3D printer in the USA, which reduces the carbon footprint caused by shipping from overseas. Printing also reduces operations necessary to make a shoe, which simplifies the process and makes it the most environmentally friendly way of manufacturing footwear.

value #3

Empathy and equality

By onshoring manufacturing, we want to embrace equal and fair pay and ensure our process is environmentally friendly because, 97% of footwear is manufactured overseas, where labor and environmental laws are not on par with the ones in the USA.